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The CC Corso Como philosophy is to provide beautifully crafted shoes that showcase fresh innovations in footwear styling while providing luxurious comfort to the wearer.  Hand-assembled in boutique factories, our shoes are made from the finest materials available.  We are dedicated to creating shoes with an unparalleled level of comfort that, until now, was not available in fashionable footwear.

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Established in 2005, CC CORSO COMO was established to provide a fashionable alternative to those looking for comfort-focus footwear.  With exceptional attention to detail, impeccable designs, and a commitment to social-environmental best-practices, CC Corso Como has grown into a valued brand with a loyal customer base.

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By using top of the line materials on every shoe, CC  Corso Como ensures maximum quality and comfort.

Sole: The flexibility of the sole is often the key to lasting comfort.  Our unique tanning process adds a refined look to our shoes.  Naturally treated, the leather retains slight color variations so each sole has its own unique and rustic beauty.  CC Corso Como soles provide traction for the wearer which allows easy and comfortably mobility.

Lining: The soft leather lining of our shoes are designed to let the foot breathe while wearing.  Our naturally tanned leather eliminates the potential of color transferring to the wearer's foot.

Inner Components: As the foundation of the shoe provides stability, longevity, and comfort, CC Corso Como takes special care to utilize only the highest quality materials in the production of these important components.

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Care Instructions

As proper ventilation is vital to the maintenance of natural leather, CC Corso Como has specifically designed our shoeboxes with this in mind.  By storing the CC Corso Como show within it's shoebox, the shoe is not only protected, but is also able to breathe properly. 

Any time the shoes become wet, let them air dry fully before wearing or storing within the shoebox.

To clean: Use a smooth, dry flannel cloth and a non-silicone based leather cleaner (this can be found at high-end shoe repair shops).

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